Gift trees for business customers

Are you looking for an unusual gift for your clients or business partners? Give them a little tree.
Build engagement, gain loyalty, increase motivation and evoke positive emotions thanks to the company gift tree.

A decorative tree given in acknowledgement of a successful transaction, as a Christmas gift for regular partners, co-workers or in other business situations is certainly an extraordinary idea. Do you need such solutions to build a good, non-standard company image? We add personalized accessories for each tree -cards and labels – so that the recipient will feel uniquely. If you need a truly extraordinary gift, we have a proposal for you: a premium gift set in which, apart from the tree, there are also accessories for self-planting (a little spade and soil in a hopsack/ jute bag) and personalised accessories: a label with the name of the occasion and the name or names of the recipients (or with a different description), an engraved plate and a greeting card. Such a set is especially recommended as an acknowledgement to parents or an unusual wedding gift for the happy couple. Imagine how touching it can be to plant a tree together with mum and dad or surprise the newlyweds. Actually you do not need a lot to show unconventional thinking!



A little tree is an unconventional gift idea. It will not dissapear in the thicket of wine bottles, pens and mugs.



Donating a little tree shows that you care for nature and the environment creating a positive image of your company.



Such a gift will remain with the recipient for years and it can be the beginning or the strengthening of cooperation.


If you are interested in our offer or if you have additional questions, necessarily contact us:
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Personalised label

Each of our boxes is covered/ plastered with a label. We can place your logo or other graphic element on it. Thanks to this idea the recipient will know who is the sender even before opening the box.
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A personalised box

We can change the graphic design of the box. For details do not hesitate to contact our office: or use the following phone number: 0048 504 990 110
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Personalised card

Choose one of our designs or we will design a new one for you with your logo or a different graphic element. For details do not hesitate to contact our office: or use the following phone number: 0048 504 990 110. The printed card will be placed with the tree in the set.
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Do not worry about the delivery

All you have to do is giving us a database of recipients and we will deal with/ handle the delivery of particular trees. Both PREMIUM and STANDARD packaging is additionally packed in extra cardboard packaging adjusted both to transport and convenient handling.