The PREMIUM set includes: elegant packaging, a tree of your choice and planting accessories (spatula, soil in a jute sack). Additionally, personalized elements: a label with the name of the occasion / company and the names of the recipients, an engraved plate / with a logo? / And a greeting card /. Set height: 80 cm

The STANDARD set includes: an elegant tube, a tree. In addition, personalized elements: a label with the name of the occasion and names of the recipients (or other description) and a greeting card /. Set height: 80 cm

Yes. If you do not want wishes – just give up the cart and choose a label without dedication.

On the site you will find information about the appearance of the tree during the year. If a deciduous tree is ordered, e.g. in winter, it will be devoid of leaves. It will bloom in spring and then it will be close to the tree presented in the picture.

Tak. Drzewko żyje cyklem rocznym – wypuszcza liście i kwitnie na wiosnę a zrzuca je na jesień i zimę /z wyłączeniem drzew iglastych/. Z każdym rokiem będzie również coraz większe.

PREMIUM set – 20x30x80 cm

STANDARD set – 17x17x80 cm

Yes, the prices given are gross prices.

Information on care can be found in the “Advice Zone” section, if you have additional questions, please contact us at


No. When the order is placed, it is packed and sent to the recipient. You can only indicate a later delivery date in the notes to the order.

If you do not want or cannot use the Przelewy 24 service, you can pay by standard bank transfer or choose a courier payment.

You will receive an invoice with your purchase.

A VAT invoice is included with every purchase.

Yes, all you have to do is enter the invoice details in the basket.

If the data do not match – please contact us at We will correct the invoice and send it again.


Our products are sent to you by courier. Its cost is 16 PLN.

Orders are processed within 3-5 business days of placing the order.

Yes, your order can be delivered to another country in the European Union.

Each tree is packed in a specially designed box and additionally secured with cardboard. We guarantee that every ordered plant will reach the recipient intact.

If a damaged parcel has arrived to you, please contact us at:

Personal collection is not possible. Each tree is sent to you by courier.

For large orders for companies, please contact us individually at


Complaints may be reported if the package arrived damaged or incomplete (e.g. one of the elements is missing). The basis for the complaint is also the receipt of a kit that is not in accordance with the order.

We have 14 business days to process a complaint.

The basis for returning the goods is to receive a set that is not in accordance with the order or damaged.