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Give a tree

Important moments are accompanied by great feelings: love, joy, happiness. To consolidate them we are looking for unique gifts. Give the tree was created with such moments in mind. Instead of another bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers, we offer a gift that will remain with the recipient for years.

The story of the idea for unusual gifts

We have been dealing with trees for three generations and we know a lot about them. When in 2011 one of our friends a son was born, we were looking for a special gift for him for a long time. It was then that the idea for Give a tree was born for the first time.

In 2015, one of our trees went to Pope Francis, and many people interested in unusual gifts were interested in our project.

About us 1

For several years, we have been meeting the needs of everyone who, just like us once, is looking for a truly original gift for a special occasion. We specialize in sending green gifts that are environmentally friendly.

We believe that the tree can be given in many important moments: not only as a gift for the birth of a child, wedding or birthday. The trees have such a rich and universal symbolism that they fit on many other occasions. We value them as gifts above all for longevity: thanks to it, the wishes and memory of the person giving and continuing are strengthened along with the tree.

With this in mind, we’ve created a special offer for business owners of unusual gifts for contractors. A decorative tree given to business partners will undoubtedly consolidate permanent cooperation or give rise to a new one.

In addition, the tree can be the epitome of strong, lasting love, lasting memory, wisdom and eternal life – that’s why it’s perfect for a congratulatory gift, a Mother’s Day gift or a holiday of lovers. So many meanings fit into one seedling that reaches our client from trusted, experienced suppliers.

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Garden trees and to the balcony

With our help, you can celebrate special moments for you and your loved ones in an original way. Make him feel like one of a kind and give him a tree to plant, intended only for him. We know from experience that planting a tree together are moments of joy and emotion. We make sure that the offer of trees is varied enough for you to choose a species with a specific symbolism that best suits the occasion. We strive to make this gift not only the residents of the house with a garden, which is why among our proposals there were trees that can be planted on the balcony, and even - cultivated in the apartment. We want you to exist in the memory of the recipients for a long time by handing a carefully selected and elegantly wrapped gift.


All trees come from our nurseries or from reliable suppliers. We want no plant to suffer damage during transport. That is why we have developed a special packaging and fastening system. Thanks to it, the tree will reach the recipient in perfect condition. We also work with a proven courier company that guarantees us the shortest delivery time.
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