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Give the perfect gift

Special moments need a unique setting

Emphasize their importance with an unusual gift. Give a tree bred with love and packed with attention to every detail.
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Promote tree planting

Each seedling is a gift for nature

Trees play a huge role in the environment in which we live. Therefore, instead of another bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers, we offer a gift that shapes the environment in which we live.

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The tree is an original gift for special occasions

Special moments need a unique setting. Mother's Day, name day, birthday, birth of a child - for these and many other occasions you need a gift that will not only appeal to the recipient, but also help you express warm feelings and tell how important your loved one is to you. We know that finding a sophisticated gift is not easy, that's why we meet you. Thanks to us you can give your loved ones a gift that will really surprise them. Give a tree bred with love and packed with attention to every detail. Why choose a tree for a gift? Magnificent bouquets look beautiful, and the flowers, like trees, have their symbolism. However, when you choose a tree, you give a long-lived gift: one that will not fade after a week, but throughout your life will remind you of the recipient, invariably bringing a smile on her face and recalling the moments spent together. We are convinced that everyone will appreciate the idea of such a refined gift. In our catalog you will find both decorative trees intended for growing in the home or apartment (e.g. olive or mini apple tree) as well as trees for planting in the garden, including maples, beeches and oaks. Each tree carries rich symbolism and has many important meanings. Get to know them all: join a wide range of lovers of our trees and give them to someone you love, whom you want to thank or congratulate or simply - wish them the best.